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MS Fitness is an all-purpose fitness equipment manufacturer. Whether you are looking for treadmills, indoor cycles, elliptical trainers, or strength training machines, MS Fitness has exactly what you need. Our products are developed by our engineers with biomechanical expertise to maximize the effectiveness, safety, and comfort of workouts. MS equipment is mostly suited for commercial applications in fitness clubs, hotel gyms, corporate fitness centers, and retail gyms.

MS Fitness, as branch of MBH fitness equipment, provides a wide range of body building machines and gym commercial fitness equipment, these body training devices are suitable for home and gum work out and body training and shaping, we offer the fitness equipment classified strength training equipment and muscle exercise machines as leg extension machines, leg press, shoulder press, chest press machines, with experienced manufacturing capacity and plenty of production resource and fully equipped manufacturing machines, we are sure to provide “custom made” service to global clients.