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Seated Incline Chest Press Machine

Product certification
National Sports General Administration Testing Center Certification.
CE product certification is being applied for and is estimated to be complete in December of 2017.

Recommended applications
The maintenance free seated incline chest press is ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. While offering all the same benefits of a standard chest press, it also is designed to place emphasis on the user's upper pectoral muscles and shoulders, while causing less stress and potential damage to a user's rotator cuff.

Product Parameter
Model LA02
Name Seated Incline Chest Press Machine
Size (mm) L x W x H 1730 x 1130 x 1790
Gross Weight 162KG
Color Black wrinkle / black light (optional)
Cushion color Graphite black
Maximum User Weight 150KG
Manner Of Packing Separate packing of wooden box
Regulatory Approval EN957-2

● The main frame uses 60 x 120 x >2.5T rectangular tubes, while the movable arm uses ø114 x 3.0T circular tubes and the connection braces use 50 x 120 x2.5Tmm flat oval tubes. All tubes are of a round design, giving the machine a high quality appearance.

● The cushions are made using polyurethane foaming technology and a single PU forming technology process to ensure the cushion never collapses. According to the ergonomic design, the hardness is kept at 65°±5°to ensure a suitable hardness that is comfortable for just about any user. The cushion surface is leather that has been exposed to 500g of weight repeatedly to ensure that over time and exposure to wear and tear, there will be no peeling or color fading.

● The easily adjustable seat uses a spring to facilitate movement. Users only need to lift the cushion to adjust the height at 8 different gear levels of 3cm each.

● The rubber pedals have built-in steel frameworks to provide the right strength for different feet types.

● The moving guiding rail is made of 45# alloy steel with a diameter of 45mm. This guide rail has undergone a grinding and high temperature process, giving the hard chrome plated surfaces of the guide rail a high wear and corrosion resistance.

● The wrap on the handrails is made of PVC plastic.

● The bearing band is a top domestic brand[GF5] , with a cover made of aluminum alloy material.

● The weights are metal plates covered in rubber. This effectively prevents the weights from rusting, which in turn protects both the chest press and the floor. These weights can be sold separately if more are needed.

● The weight plate hanger is welded with ø50 x 3.0T stainless steel. Customers can choose from different auxiliary weight plate hangers that are equipped to bare varying weight sizes.

● The training/instruction guidelines are made of PVC and attached to the chest press using a 3M high viscosity glue to prevent it from coming off after exposure to dampness or other corrosion.

● The foot pad is made of PVC using a single injection molding process.

● Screw materials are made of A2-70 stainless steel. There are other machine parts equipped with 12.9 level alloy steel screws.

● The movable arm uses high strength steel tubes at a diameter of ø114*3.0T. The movable arm is produced using a single bending technology process.

● The seated chest press machines are not equipped with transport wheels.

All the products from MS are shipped with operating manuals and include installation service. We will send professional installation personnel if conditions allow for it (clearing international travel restrictions). If personnel cannot be sent, operation manuals and installation videos are both offered to customers.

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