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Seated Lateral Pulldown Machine

Product certification
National Sports General Administration Testing Center certification
CE product certification[GF2] is being applied for, and is estimated to be completed in December of 2017.

Recommended Applications
The maintenance free seated lateral pulldown machine is suitable for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. It is designed to build the user's latissimus dorsi and other joints and muscles, including the biceps, rotator cuff and forearms.

Product Parameter
Model LA07
Name Seated lateral pull down machine
Size (mm) L x W x H 1210 x 1920 x 1970
Gross Weight 153KG
Color Black wrinkle/black light (optional)
Cushion color Graphite black
Maximum User Weight 150KG
Manner Of Packing Separate packing of wooden box
Regulatory Approval EN957-2

Configuration information
● The seated lateral pulldown machine uses 60 x 120 x >2.5T rectangular tubes as its main frame, s ø114 x 3.0T circular tubes as the swing arm, and 50 x 120 x 2.5Tmm flat ellipse tubes as its connecting brace. All tubing is designed to give the fitness equipment a classy appearance.

● Due to the polyurethane foaming process and primary PU forming technology, the cushion will not easily deform. In order to make the lateral pulldown suitable for just about any body type, the hardness is controlled at 65 degrees, +/- 5 degrees based on the design of the human body. The cushion is also covered in leather that has repeatedly been exposed to 500g of weight for testing wear and tear, with no fading or other deformation results.

● The lateral pulldown uses springs to adjust the seat in 8 different levels of 3 cm increments. Simply lift the cushion to rest on the gear you prefer.

● This seated lateral pull down machine uses a rubber pedal supported by a steel frame. Thus, it features a high-strength and will provide users with the optimal experience.

● This fitness machine uses ø45mm 45# alloy steel in the guide rail for moving components. This guide rail is polished and put through a high temperature processing, then coated in chrome to ensure an excellent wear and corrosion resistance, no bending and outstanding strength.

● The handlebar is made of PVC.

● The bearing is manufactured to be one of the best in China (C &U bearing) with a bearing cap made of an aluminum alloy.

● The barbell disks are covered by rubber in order to protect the disk from corrosion, as well as protect the fitness equipment and the floor. Barbells are sold separately.

● The barbell disk suspension bracket is made of a ø50 x 3.0T stainless steel tube. Users can also purchase auxiliary barbell dish suspension brackets to bare the weight of different disk types.

● Training illustrations are printed on PVC plastic and attached to the lateral pulldown using 3M high viscosity glue in order to prevent it from wearing off of the fitness equipment.

● The foot cushion is made of single injection molding PVC.

● The screw is made of stainless steel, with other parts equipped with 12.9 grade alloy steel screws.

● The swing arm is made of the ø114 x 3.0T single bend, high tensile steel tube, ensuring that the arm is both durable and powerful.

● Transport wheel: None.

All the products from MS are shipped with operating manuals and include installation service. We will send professional installation personnel if conditions allow for it (clearing international travel restrictions). If personnel cannot be sent, operation manuals and installation videos are both offered to customers.

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