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Seated Shoulder Press Machine

Certificate by General Administration of Sport of China
CE certification [GF1] will be issued in December, 2017.

Application of Seated Shoulder Press Machine
The maintenance free seated shoulder press machine is suitable for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike to work on their deltoids, triceps and trapezius muscles.

Product Parameter
Model LA03
Product Name Seated Shoulder Press Machine
Machine Dimension (mm) ( L x W x H) 1410 x 1240 x 1580
Net Weight 147KG
Machine Color Black wrinkle/Varnish black (optional)
Cushion Color Graphite black
Maximum Load 150KG
Package Wooden box subpackage
Certification EN957-2

Specification of Seated Shoulder Press Machine
● Frame: The frame consists of a 60 x 120 x >2.5T rectangular tube, a swing arm that consists of a ø114 x 3.0T rounded tube and a link that consists of a 50 x 120 x 2.5Tmm flat oval tube. The streamlined design ensures a classy equipment appearance.

● Cushion: The cushion is formed through a single molding foamed PU process to ensure no deformations. The hardness is 65° (±5°), with a synthetic leather surface that is capable of withstanding long term use with no peeling or fading.

● Spring-assisted free chair adjustment: users can easily adjust the chair up and down to 8 different levels of 3cm each by simply lifting the seat cushion and placing it at the desired height.

● The rubber foot plate has a built-in steel frame for added durability.

● Guide rails: 45# alloy steel, d=45mm, high temperature treatment, hard chromium -plated surface, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, excellent toughness and no deformation.

● PVC plastic grip.

● Bearing: The bearing is from Renben, a top rated Chinese company.

● Disc: The dumbbell disks are rubber coated for added rust resistance in order to protect both the floor and the shoulder press. These are sold separately.

● Disc hanger: The hangar for the dumbbells is ø50 x 3.0T welded stainless steel. Auxiliary disk hangers are available for use to bare the weight of different disc types.

● PVC exercise picture: Instructions are printed on PVC material and glued to the shoulder press using 3M high viscosity glue that is moisture and corrosion resistant.

● PVC foot plate, one time molding.

● A2-70 stainless steel screws, individual parts with 12.9 alloy steel screws.

● Swing arm: ø114*3.0T high tensile steel tube, one time bending, powerful and durable.

● No travelling wheel.

All the products from MS are shipped with operating manuals and include installation service. We will send professional installation personnel if conditions allow for it (clearing international travel restrictions). If personnel cannot be sent, operation manuals and installation videos are both offered to customers.

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