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XLY(M5S) Series Strength Equipment

Model# Picture Model Name
Multi Press
Biceps/Triceps Machine
Dual Abdominal / Lower Back Machine
Lat Pull-Low Row
Seated Leg Curl
Adductor/Abductor Machine

Engineered for performance, the appearance of this equipment is simple but highly effective. The workout process conforms to ergonomic principles, which helps to ensure the user is safe and comfortable.

Configuration information
● Framework:The framework is welded with high quality double side drum shaped pipes along with high quality steel, guaranteeing long lasting performance.
● Weight box: The weight device is perfectly separated from the user, resulting in safe and reliable to use.
● Handles: Comfortable grip and carefully designed angles to ensure the user has proper leverage to get the most out of their workout.
● Backplate:Made through a onetime molding of ABS, increasing durability.
● Main frame:Uses a 50*120*( ≥ 2.5T)/Q195 high quality flat oval tube that welds firmly, reducing the chances of deformation.
● Cushion:The cushions are created using a polyurethane foaming technology and single PU forming technology to ensure the cushion never collapses. No peeling or fading will occur over time of its use.
● Chain wheel:The wheel is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, which is safe and reliable.
● Steel cable:The steel cable uses 6 x 19+1 high quality stainless steel, the maximum effective load bearing weight is 1,000kg.

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