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M9S Series Strength Training Equipment

Model# Picture Model Name Weight Stack (Standard; kg) Weight Stack (Max. ; kg) Build up Meas. (mm) User Weight
Chest Press 100 130 1560×1450×1680 ≤150
Pec Fly 80 130 1550×1180×1680 ≤150
Pec Fly/Rear Delt 80 130 1585×1230×1995 ≤150
Shoulder Press 80 130 1660×1555×1680 ≤150
Seated Row 100 130 1145×1575×1680 ≤150
Bicep Curl 80 130 1235×1270×1680 ≤150
Tricep Press 80 130 1340×1455×1680 ≤150
Assisted Chin/Dip 100 100 1520×1280×2330 ≤150
Lower Back 80 130 1320×1240×1680 ≤150
Abdominal Crunch 60 130 1290×1220×1680 ≤150
Rotary Torso 60 130 1280×1175×1680 ≤150
Lat Pull Down 100 130 1530×1805×2005 ≤150
Seated Horizontal Pulley 100 100 1050×1775×1680 ≤150
Lat Pull Down 100 100 1390×1370×2210 ≤150
Seated Leg Curl 80 130 1325×1765×1680 ≤150
Horizontal Leg Curl 80 130 1245×1725×1680 ≤150
Leg Extension 100 130 1230×1670×1680 ≤150
Leg Press 100 130 1210×1970×1680 ≤150
Multi Hip 60 130 1050×1280×1680 ≤150
Standing Leg Extension 60 130 1130×1030×1680 ≤150
Calf Extension 60 130 1165×1620×1680 ≤150
Inner Thigh Adductor 80 130 1750×1100×1680 ≤150
Outer Thigh Abductor 80 130 1650×1130×1680 ≤150

Configuration information
● Framework: The main frame uses 50 x 120 x 2.0T flat oval tubes, while the movable arm uses 60*3.0T/50*3.0T circular tubes. The connection braces use 50*100*2.0T/50*100*2.5T flat oval tubes. The weight box uses 60*120*2.0T flat ellipse pipe. The exterior features an individualistic design that is both attractive and safe.
● Cushion: The cushion has a one-time molding foamed PU, anti-deformation, hardness: 65°(±5°). Its synthetic leather surface can withstand friction by 500g tested 8000 times. No peeling or fading will occur over time. Standard colors are caramel and red.
● Seat adjustment system: The seat has 5 different levels of adjustments. Users can easily adjust the seat simply by pulling and lifting the seat, then placing it at the desired height.
● Cam: The cam is made of high quality 8.0T hot rolled plate by laser cutting, while the guide rope groove is welded together for added durability.
● Balance weight: Made of high-quality steel material that has undergone a surface treatment process to prevent corrosion.
● Backplate: The backplate includes ABS material with the once injection molding technology
● Chain wheel: 105mm high-strength engineering plastic, precision machined bearing.
● Handles: PVC handle, the surface is non-slip and guarantees safety
● Bearing: Domestic top-level bearing, with a smooth rotation and smooth movements without stuttering
● Weight stack: Made of steel and are designed to be both thin and smooth, so that users find no steel pits or hard spots. There are also shock pads placed between the weight stacks.
● Guide rod: Made up of hollow stainless steel, refined through grinding, a polishing process, making it bright and lasting. There is no rust formation after a 48h salt spray test.
● Weight stack latch: Weight stack latch color is yellow
● Steel cable: The maximum effective load bearing weight is 1,000kg, which can be stretched more than 100,000 times.
● Exercise placard: Made of PVC and attached using 3M high viscosity glue. This prevents it from wearing off after being exposed to dampness or corrosion.
● Foot pad: PVC using once injection molding technology.
● Scale: Made of 2mm stainless steel with laser cutting and laser engraving technology.
● Bottle cage: Yes
● Towel rack: Yes
● Bearing cap: Plastic material
● Screws: A2-70 stainless steel, with other equipment parts equipped with 12.9 level alloy steel screws.
● Guide rails: 45# alloy steel, d=30mm, high temperature treatment with a hard chromium -plated surface. The rails are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, has good toughness, and include anti-deformation properties.
● Foot plate: PVC foam, built-in steel frame for stability.
● Counter: Equipped with a counter, real-time display of training data makes exercising more intuitive and scientific.
● Display content: This shows the movement time and the number of reps.
● Power supply mode: Standard Battery

Instrument counterweight range
Machine color Matte black
Backplate color Front backplate color is caramel(white is optional, with a dark grey backplate at the back
Weight stack color Standard color is black
Cuhion color Standard color is caramel(China red for optional)。
LOGO PVC exercise picture, 3M high viscosity glue on the back. The logo is moisture and corrosion-resistant.
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