M88-003 Shoulder Press Machine

  • Silver M88-003
  • Blue M88-003

We offer two primary M88-003 shoulder press machines: the silver M88-003 shoulder press and the blue M88-003 shoulder press machine. Any shoulder press is primarily used to shape a user’s deltoids, triceps and trapezius.

Applications: Fitness clubs, Hotels, Large office buildings, Apartment buildings

Gyms: Size (L x W x H (mm)): 1610 x 1510 x 1605

Configuration information
● Our shoulder press uses a 50 x 100 x 2.5T x R8 rectangular tube with large rounded corners as its main frame, a Ø60/50 x 3.0T circular tube and 40 x 80 x 3.0T flat ellipse pipes as the swing arms. It also uses a 50 x 100 x 2.5T x R8 rectangular tube with large rounded corners as its connecting brace and a 50 x 120 x 2.5T flat ellipse pipe, as well as a large R angle rectangular tube as its weight basket. The exterior features an individualistic design that is both attractive and safe.

● Because of the polyurethane foaming process and primary PU forming technology, the cushion will not easily deform. In order to ensure it is suitable for just about any body type, the hardness is controlled 65 degrees, plus or minus 5 degrees according to the design of the human body. The cushion is covered with a leather that has undergone extensive testing to ensure there is no fading or ripping even after long term usage.

● The seat auxiliary adjusting system uses a free pull with 5 different adjustment levels with an adjustment stroke of 100mm.

● Due to the high quality 8.0t hot rolled plate after laser cutting welded with the rope race, the cam is durable and will not easily deform. It is surface treated with a rust resistant coating and another two spraying processes to prevent corrosion.

● The balance-weight is made of high quality steel and treated through a rust cleaning and two-time spray coating for additional rust resistance.

● The pedal is made of PVC after foam molding and supported by a steel frame, thus ensuring a comfortable user experience.

● This shoulder press uses ø45mm 45# alloy steel for the guide rail, which is treated with high-temperature processing. The surface is then covered in a chrome plating for additional wear and corrosion resistance, no bending, and exceptional toughness. Due to the arc motion trail, it works in line with natural human kinetics.

● The guard board is made of single injection molding ABC, then surface treated with a stoving varnish, and other components exposed to flame plating. Framing the guard board is a quality leather pattern.

● The pulley is made of 105mm high strength engineering plastic. The bearing position has also been precisely machined.

● The handle material is PVC.

● The bearing is one of the best bearing varieties in China (C&U bearing) with a cap made of injection molding ABS plastic material.

● The middle decorative stripe is made of injection molding PVC.

● Weight stacks are made of steel (20# alloy steel) and are designed to be both thin and smooth, so that users find no steel pits or hard spots. There are also shock pads placed between the weight stacks.

● This fitness machine uses hollow stainless steel treated with lapping and polishing processes for the guide bar. The guide bar has also undergone extensive testing, and will not rust easily.

● Weight stack latch: The bar is made of an injection molding ABS material with a latch made of a 304 stainless steel reinforced strong magnetic bolt. Each part is genuine, high quality metal.

● The steel cable uses 6 x 19+1 standard (6 strands of steel wire consisting of 19 wires are twisted together with one main steel wire).Its external diameter is 5.8mm and diameter of the bare rope is 5.8mm with a maximum effective bearing capacity of 1000kg. This ensures the cable is easily able to handle more than 1,000 stretches.

● Training graphs and illustrations are made of PVC plaster and attached using a 3M high viscosity glue to protect it from coming off after exposure to dampness and corrosion.

● The foot cushion is made of single injection molding PVC.

● Scale marks are created through laser cutting and 2mm stainless steel laser lettering.

● The material is A2-70 stainless steel. Some parts are equipped with 12.9 grade alloy steel screws.

All the products from MS are shipped with operating manuals and include installation service. We will send professional installation personnel if conditions allow for it (clearing international travel restrictions). If personnel cannot be sent, operation manuals and installation videos are both offered to customers.

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