M9-012A Seated Cable Row Machine / Seated Horizontal Pulley

Seated cable row machines are used as an isolated exercise method to target the muscles in your upper and middle back, as well as improving shoulder muscles and posture.

Product Parameter
Model M9-012A
Name Seated cable row machine
Standard additional weight 100KG
Maximum additional weight 130KG
Size (mm) ( L x W x H) 1030 x 1840 x 1615
Weight 205KG
color Black light/silver/white(optional)
Weight stack color Black standard
Cushion color Carmine standard (black optional)
Maximum user weight 150KG
Manner of packing Carton packing
Regulatory approval EN957-2

Configuration information
● This seated cable row machine uses 50 x 100 x 2.5T rectangular tube with large rounded corners as its main frame, Ø60/50 x 3.0T circular tube and 40 x 80 x 3.0T flat ellipse pipe as its swing arms, 50 x 100 x 2.5T x R8 rectangular tube with large rounded corners as its connecting brace and a drum shaped tube as its weight basket.

● The cushions are created using a polyurethane foaming technology and single PU forming technology to ensure the cushion never collapses. Based on an ergonomic design, the hardness is kept at 65°±5°to ensure a suitable hardness that is suitable for just about any body type. The surface of the cushion is a synthetic rubber that has undergone extensive testing in order to prevent peeling and fading.

● The seat has 5 different levels of adjustments at 100mm each. Users can easily adjust the seat simply by pulling and lifting the seat, then placing it at the desired height.

● The cam is made of high quality 8.0T hot rolled plate by laser cutting, while the guide rope groove is welded together for added durability.

● The balance weight is made of high quality steel material that has undergone a surface treatment process to prevent corrosion.

● The pedals are made of PVC and equipped with a built-in steel skeleton for added comfort.

● The moving guiding rail is made of 45# alloy steel at a diameter of 45mm. They are ground and formed in high temperatures, then chrome plated for a high wear and corrosion resistance.

● Protector: The protector is made through one time molding of ABS, then painted and sprayed for surface protection, and surrounded by imitation leather for added appearance attractiveness.

● Chain wheel: 100mm high-strength engineering plastic, precision machined bearing.

● PVC plastic grip

● Bearing: The bearing is from the top Chinese company of Renben, with an injection molding ABS plastic bearing cover.

● Injection molding ABS mid-decorative trim.

● The weight plates are made of 20# alloy steel, giving them a smooth surface with no pit or hemps, ideal thicknesses and varying weights. There are also damping cushions placed between the weight plates

● The guide bars use hollow stainless steel. They are made through a grinding and polishing process, and will not rust, even after extensive usage.

● Weight stack cover: one time molding ABS, 304 stainless steel magnetic cover, high-quality parts.

● The steel cable uses 6 x 19+1 standard. The outside diameter is 5.8mm and the diameter of the bare slope is 3.5mm. The maximum effective load bearing weight is 1,000kg, which can be stretched more than 100,000 times.

● The training picture is made of PVC and attached using 3M high viscosity glue to prevent it from wearing off after being exposed to dampness or corrosion.

● The foot pad is made of PVC using once injection molding technology.

● The scale is made of 2mm stainless steel with laser cutting and laser engraving technology.

● The material of the screws is A2-70 stainless steel, with other equipment parts equipped with 12.9 level alloy steel screws.

All the products from MS are shipped with operating manuals and include installation service. We will send professional installation personnel if conditions allow for it (clearing international travel restrictions). If personnel cannot be sent, operation manuals and installation videos are both offered to customers.

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