M9-016A Leg Extension Machine

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The M9-016A leg extension machine has been designed by our biomechanical engineering experts to target the muscles of the thighs for an optimal workout. The ergonomic design of the exercise equipment allows for a safe, comfortable, and effective workout.

Product Parameter
Model M9-016A
Name Leg extension machine
Standard additional weight 60kg
Maximum additional weight 130kg
Size 985L*1355W*1615H(mm)
Weight 196kg
color Black light/silver/white(optional)
Weight stack color Black standard
Cushion color Carmine standard (black optional)
Maximum user weight 150KG
Manner of packing Carton packing
Regulatory approval EN957-2

Configuration information
● Frame: 50*100*2.5T*R8 rounded rectangular tube; swing arm: 40*80*3.0T elliptical tube; link: 50*100*2.5T*R8 rounded rectangular tube; ballast box: 60*120*2.0T double tube. Streamlined profile for a beautifully modern aesthetic

● Cushion: one time molding foamed PU, anti-deformation, hardness: 65°(±5°) , synthetic leather surface which can withstand friction by 500g tested 8000 times. No peeling or fading will occur over time.

● 5 Chair adjustment degrees, adjustment range: 100mm.

● Cam: 8.0T hot rolled plate laser cutting, rope race weld, non-deformation and durable, surface derusting, secondary spraying, corrosion resistance.

● Counter weight: high-quality steel, surface derusting, secondary spraying.

● Foot plate: PVC foam, built-in steel frame for stability.

● Large knob, easy to lock. ABS + PC synthetic plastic, firm and durable.

● Guide rails: alloy steel, d=45mm, high temperature treatment, hard chromium -plated surface, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistance, good toughness, anti-deformation. Double track movement design, support single-arm movement. Arc trajectory, in line with the principle of human biomechanics.

● Protector: ABS front fender, transparent matte texture; steel rear fender, electrostatic spraying ABS material.

● Chain wheel: one time molding engineering plastic.

● Bearing: Chinese top-level bearing (Renben bearing), injection molding ABS plastic bearing cover.

● PVC plastic grip

● 20# steel alloy weight stack, smooth surface, no pitting, thin thickness, with cushioning plate between all weight stacks.

● Guide rod is made of hollow stainless steel, refined through grinding, polishing process, bright and lasting, no rust formation after a 48h salt spray test.

● Weight stack cover: one time molding ABS, 304 stainless steel magnetic cover, high-quality parts.

● 6*19+1 steel rope (six strands of wire consisting of 19 wires are twisted together with a single main wire): outer diameter: 5.8mm, rope diameter: 3.5mm, maximum load: 1000KG, bear more than 100 thousand stretches.

● PVC exercise picture, 3M high viscosity glue on the back, moisture and corrosion-resistant.

● PVC foot plate, one time molding.

● Scale: 2mm stainless steel laser cutting, laser lettering.

● A2-70 stainless steel screws, individual parts with 12.9 alloy steel screws.

All MS Fitness equipment is delivered with an operating and installation manual. Our staff members can install equipment upon request and if conditions permit.

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