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Commercial Stepper Machine

Certification: CE

The commercial stepper machine combines the advantages of running and climbing while minimizing impact and other physical stress caused by some other workout equipment. Stepper machines are great for weight loss, training, coordination enhancement, physical rehab, and much more.

Product Parameter
Model M-8810
Product Name Commercial Stepper Machine
Step Length Adjustment Range 0-70CM
Step length 250MM
Stride length 700MM
Resistance System 20 high resistance
Dimension(L.W.H): 1505L*920W*1595H(MM)
Weight 188KG

Product features
● M-8810 commercial stepper machines can be used for step training, elliptical training, and fast step training. Users can easily achieve the conversion between different modes without shutting down the machine or move the foot away from the platform.
● Foot plates and handles will move according to your requirements. The activity handle brings the effect of upper body movement to achieve full body movement. You can control the movement according to your own natural pace and training goal.
● M-8810 commercial stepper machine can automatically adjust the step size, without control settings, the adjustment ranges from 0 to 70cm, matching each user's fitness needs.
● You can choose from a variety of horizontal fitness modes (up and down climbing, short walking, climbing, mid-range walking, long-range walking) for a personalized fitness experience.
● ABS foot plate, maximum load of belt: 1000kg, long service lifetime.
● Blue rubber handrail, comfortable hand feeling.

All MS Fitness equipment is delivered with an operating and installation manual. Our staff members can install equipment upon request and if conditions permit.

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