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Elliptical Trainer Machine

Certification: CE
M-8809EL series: M-8809EL-LCD Elliptical Trainer Machine(LCD)/M-8809EL-TFT Elliptical Trainer Machine(TFT)

The M-8809EL elliptical trainer machine is designed to exercise a wide range of muscle groups and provide an optimal cardiovascular workout. M-8809EL elliptical trainer machine is suitable for users of all body types and using the machine avoids putting unnecessary impact on your joints.

Product Parameter
Model M-8809EL
Product Name Commercial Elliptical Trainer Machine
Length 2080MM
Width 750MM
Height 1635MM
Net Weight 118KG
Gross Weight 171.5KG
Step Size 500MM

● Display: LCD/TFT 11.6 inch (optional)
● ECB magnetic control resistance system, automatic motor
● Bearing: Chinese top-level bearing(Renben bearing)
● TFT pre-set program: 3 heart rate modes, distance mode, calorie mode, time mode, manual mode
● TFT fixed program: P1(manual), p2(walking), p3(stair climbing), p4(interval training), p5(weight losing), p6(mountain biking), p7(fat burning)
● LCD pre-set program: distance backward counting mode, calorie backward counting mode, time backward counting mode
● TFT fixed program: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8
● Language: LCD(English), TFT(Chinese)
● WIFI: suitable for TFT type
● Multimedia display: suitable for TFT type, Android os only, MPS, MP4, AVI, MPG supported.

Product features
● The M-8809EL commercial elliptical trainer machine features a reinforced frame body and high-quality key components.
● Intelligent window can display the level of resistance, the motor speed and running time, helps you monitor your own real-time motion status
● Multiple resistance levels for user programs.
● Automatic motor and balanced foot plate, for safe and reliable operation
● Dial is designed with a delay function, the dial can delay the display of movement status when movement is stopped.

Details of Elliptical Trainer Machine

All MS Fitness equipment is delivered with an operating and installation manual. Our staff members can install equipment upon request and if conditions permit.

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