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Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Suitable crowd
The M-7808R-LCD magnetic upright exercise bike is designed and manufactured according to the biomechanical characteristics of the human body in order to provide an optimized and comfortable workout. The recumbent design allows the user to sit in a comfortable, supported position in order to workout with ease. The M-7808R-LCD magnetic exercise bike is widely used in health clubs, high-end clubs, hotels, enterprises and other areas.

Model M-7808R
Name Magnetic recumbent exercise Bike
Length 1765MM
Width 730MM
Height 1470MM
Net Weight 86KG
Gross Weight 127KG
Front and rear adjusting stroke of the saddle 270MM

Configuration information
Frame: 60*120 elliptic tube+Ø89 steel pipe
Pedal: ABS high-strength big pedal
Resistance source: this machine adopts the advanced ECB magnetic resistance system equipped with the imported self-generator to ensure the performance.
Resistance braking: electromagnetic resistance
Power system: multi lease belt drive
Track: extrusion of high strength aluminum alloy
Button: touch press button

Product features
● The M-7808R-LCD magnetic exercise bike uses an advanced electromagnetic resistance adjustment system, you can adjust the level of resistance.
● LCD can display the level of resistance, running motor speed and running time.
● Users can monitor your own real-time motion status.
● Multiple resistance levels for user programs.
● The handle is equipped with a hand-held heart rate sensor, displays real-time heart rate with high accuracy. It enables the monitoring of burning fat, aerobic or peak target areas.

All MS Fitness equipment is delivered with an operating and installation manual. Our staff members can install equipment upon request and if conditions permit.

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