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MS5809 Indoor Cycling Bike

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Product certification: CE

Suitable crowd
The MS-5809 indoor cycling bike is specially designed according to the biomechanical characteristics of the human body. The bike is a great choice for users of all body sizes and shapes.

1. Scope of application
Maximum user weight 150KG
Up and down adjusting stroke of the handlebar 110MM
Maximum adjusting height of the handlebar 1330MM
Up and down adjusting stroke of the seat 290MM
Front and rear adjusting stroke of the seat 60MM
Maximum adjusting stroke of the seat 1150MM
2. Size and weight
Length 1150MM
Width 625MM
Height 1305MM
Weight 70KG
Gross Weight 75KG

Configuration information
● The fitness bike features a durable and ergonomic shape. 50*100 elliptical tubes make up the bike frame.
● This kind of fitness equipment adopts a belt drive. You can choose the rotation as you please.
● The adjustable handlebar core is made of aluminum alloy extrusions.
● The user can adjust the height of the handlebar up and down. The handlebar surface is covered by PVC. Also, we provide rough, or smooth surface in red or black.
● The drive bearing is one of the best bearings in China (C&U bearing).
● The surface of the inertia wheel adopts special stainless steel processing to protect it from corrosion. Its smooth texture minimizes the loss of the brake system.
● This fitness equipment was equipped with high-strength pedals which are made of imported cast aluminum and has two kinds of model:16/9,M20.
● The seat and handlebar adjusting systems is made of aluminum and its surface was treated with anodizing processes to resist corrosion.
● Transport wheels are made of integrated PU material.
● Resistance adjusting mode: manual regulation.
● The steel brake adopts the design of down pressure brake to extend the service of the brake system.
● Our indoor cycling bike is equipped with a bottle cage on the frame.
● The tightness of the foot cover is adjustable.
● The gross weight of the bike is 75kg equipped with the 20kg flywheel to keep the balance.
● Our fitness equipment is equipped with the front moving wheel. Thus, it is easy to move.
● This equipment adopts the unique designed protective cover to protect the flywheel from corrosion from sweat.
● The indoor cycling bike is clipper-built. So it's artistic.

Details of MS5809 Indoor Cycling Bike

All of the products from MS are delivered with operating manuals and installation service. Professional installation personnel will be sent for the installation if conditions permit. Otherwise, operation manuals or installation manual videos will be offered to customers.

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