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MS5818 Indoor Cycling Bike

MS5818 indoor cycling bike can be used in fitness clubs, high-end clubs, hotels, enterprises, and other place for the needs of fitness.

Product parameters
Applicable range of equipment
Equipment color Black (standard configuration)
Max user weight 150KG
Up and down adjusting stroke of the handlebar 160MM
Maximum adjusting height of the handlebar 1250MM (height from the ground)
Up and down adjusting stroke of the saddle 290MM
Front and rear adjusting stroke of the saddle 110MM
Maximum adjusting height of the saddle 1150MM (height from the ground)
Dimension and weight of equipment
Dimension 1270mm*705mm*1290mm
Net weight 76KG
Gross weight 85KG
Package Carton packaging
Carton size 1350mm*480mm*1030mm
Frame: the frame is combined with 50*80 rectangular tubes and 50*120 oval straight tube, concise and stylish, strong and durable.
Transmission mode: belt drive
Wheel: We use a new technology to magnetic control the wheel, and the wheel use the material that will never rusts. And its smooth texture ensures the lowest loss to the brake system.
Resistance mode: magnetic resistance
Resistance regulation mode: stepless resistance / brake system
Middle axle: ϕ25mm high quality alloy steel middle axle
Bearing assembly: detachable bearing assembly.
Handlebar: surface PVC impregnation. The grip is non-slip which keeps you on track.
Seat: Taiwan brand saddle
Bearing: top aggravated bearing in China
Pedal: Imported cast aluminum pedal
Adjusting tube: high quality alloy aluminum
Adjusting slideway: high quality alloy aluminum slideway
Transport wheel: integrated PU wheel
Labeling material: PVC material
Applicable range: its biomechanical characteristics makes it suitable for users of all fitness levels and body shapes.


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