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PN6000 Commercial Electric Gym Treadmill / Running Machine

  • Black Treadmill
  • Blue Treadmill
  • Silvery Treadmill

Treadmills are the most popular pieces of gym equipment. It is rare to enter a public gym and not see someone running on a treadmill. The PN6000 treadmill is designed to be a comfortable and easy to use treadmill that looks great in any gym, public, or private.

Product Parameter
Model PN6000
Product Name Electric Gym Treadmill
Color Black, blue, silvery
Machine Dimension 2310L×960W×1700H (mm)
Effective Running Surface 1540L×580W (mm)
Weight Allowed 150KG
Speed Range 1-15km/h
Incline Range 0-15%
Pre-set Program TFT screen type: distance mode, calorie mode, time mode, manual mode
LED screen type: distance backward counting mode, calorie backward counting mode, time backward counting mode
Fixed Program TFT screen type: strolling mode, primary fat burn 01, 02, 03, intermediate fat burn 01, 02, 03, advanced fat burn 01, 02
LED screen type: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, 01, 02 (01, 02 for user mode)
Electronic Readout Time, distance, calorie, power, heart rate, speed
Power Supply External power supply
AC 220V±10% (50Hz/60Hz)
Power Cord 16A AC 250V
Overload protector 13A
Operation Temperature Range 0-40℃
Certification EN957-6

● Running deck: 25T, maximum load: 600KG, running belt: 2.4T, roller dimension: 88mm.
● Rated power of main motor: 2.5HP(1.75KW);Taiwanese
elevator motor, voltage:200V-240V, rotation rate:1475r/min, f: 50Hz, output power: 60W, isolation class: B,maximum load: 550KG
● The handle is equipped with hand-held heart rate sensor, mosaic heart rate sensor, never fall off; It can keep your heart rate remaining in the burning fat, aerobic or peak target area after inputting the age and weight, improving the efficiency of training.
● Control panel with multiple isolation guards, prevents the electrostatic interference on the touch screen.
● Integrative with large span, highly stable.
● Console upright covered with plastic shell; PVC hardened material in up&down side rail, PU handle.
● Inverter: TBC-1700.
● Personal belongings shelf for phone, water bottle, etc.

Feature of Display System
● PN6000 treadmill has a 1.7G quad-core processor, which enjoys a 1G SD memory and 4G NAND flash memory. Android 4.4.4 OS,custom system control software.
● High-performance capacitance touch screen, IPS full-view LCD,21.5 inch , 1920*1080.
● Special battery management system. It ensures the treadmill can continue to run in the event of a sudden power failure or rapid switch-on, which improved the stability and security of the treadmill.
● Radar warning: When the user exceeds the set safety zone, the system will automatically prompt, warning and braking, to ensure user's safety.
● New system upgrade process monitoring and completion tips, automatic alarm when system picture is lost
● Hi-Fi system, 3.5mm headphone jack.
● TFT screen type supports WIFI, MP4, MP3, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, Android application.
● TFT screen type supports built-in hd digital TV, digital TV signal; Built-in USB HOST, USB flash drive, SD memory card.
● Language of TFT screen type: Chinese and English; Language of LED screen type: English.
● Allows mobile phone charging, DVD function is not supported.

All of the products from MS are delivered with operating manuals and installation service. Professional installation personnel will be sent for the installation if conditions permit. Otherwise, operation manuals or installation manual videos will be offered to customers.

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