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MS-80 Commercial Electric Gym Treadmill / Running Machine

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Product Certification: CE, ROHS

The MS-80 commercial electric gym treadmill/running machine is designed for use in fitness clubs, high-end clubs, hotels, corporate gyms, and many other fitness facilities all over the world. Treadmills are the most commonly used exercise equipment in the world and here at MS Fitness we wanted to supply customers with comfortable and effective machines that would be fun and easy to use.

We can provide two different kinds of MS-80 running machine: one with an LED display, the other is with a TFT display.

The followings are the models of the running machine and the regions which provide the frequency transformer:
MS-80-LED-T(Taiwan), MS-80-LED-K(Korea), MS-80-LED-J(Japan), MS-80-TFT-T(Taiwan), MS-80-TFT-K(Korea), MS-80-TFT-J(Japan).

Product Parameter
Model MS-80
Name Running machine
Length 2370MM
Width 950MM
Height 1580MM
effective area of the running tread 1650*560MM
running belt width 560MM
Running belt thickness 3.2MM
Net weight 217KG
Gross weight 288KG
Gauge outfit gross weight 25KG
Running thread gross weight 263KG
Input voltage 220V+10%(50Hz/60Hz)
Operating ambient temperature 0-40℃
Velocity range 1-20km/h
Slope range 0-20%

● MS-80 running machine looks great in any gym environment.
● This kinds of fitness machine features an automatic lubrication system, digital signal transmission system, nonskid running belt. The combination of fashion and technology guarantees you the stability and security when training.
● Treadmill has a 1.5G HZ dual-core processor, which features a 1G SD memory and 4G NAND flash memory. A built-in USD host is also equipped, allowing the connection of USB flash drives. Meanwhile, the treadmill also allows cellphone charging and video playback though DVD and set-top box. A WIFI module is also installed within the treadmill, which provides possibility for high-speed internet access and cable or digital TV.
● Special battery management system, it ensures the treadmill can continue to run in the event of a sudden power failure or rapid switch-on, which improved the stability and security of the treadmill.
● Polyurethane-foam handle, soft and comfortable.
● With roller dimension of 100mm, shock-proof running deck of 25mm thick, reliable and stable.
● Square emergency stop button with long service lifetime.
● High-performance resistance touch screen, control panel with multiple isolation guards, prevent the electrostatic interference on the touch screen. Built-in LCD touch screen system.
● Function of free speed selection, incline selection, soft-stop, ODO record, handle pulse.
● 8 pre-set programs, infinite user program, free setting for time, distance, and calorie counting.
● Silent AC inverter motor: 3.0HP (continuous), 5.8HP (maximum). No noise when speeding up.

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  • Detailed images

All of the products from MS are delivered with operating manuals and installation service. Professional installation personnel will be sent for the installation if conditions permit. Otherwise, operation manuals or installation manual videos will be offered to customers.

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