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MS-95J Commercial Treadmill with Touchscreen / Running Machine

  • MS-95J LED
  • MS-95J TFT

MS-95J commercial electric gym treadmills can be used in fitness clubs, high-end clubs, hotels, enterprises, and other place for the needs of fitness.

Product parameters
Size and weight of equipment
Length 2250 MM
Width 930 MM
Height 1650MM
Effective running surface 1650*530 MM
Width of running belt 560MM
Net weight of equipment 234 KG
Gross weight of equipment 292 KG
Gross weight of console 40.5 KG
Gross weight 251 KG

Operating system
1. Android 4.2 operating system, 1.4GHz quad-core processing chip from America, 1G RAM, 4G NANDFLASH
2. High performance resistive touchscreen
3. Build-in WIFI module allows to connect to wireless network for high-speed internet access, supporting cable TV and digital TV.

1. Introducing European high technologies which make this product have a good performance.
2. Digital signal transmission method is adopted in the signal transmission system to control the treadmill more accurately, avoiding emergency stop and sudden acceleration.
3. Adopt a treadmill roller with a diameter of 100mm, technical difficulties solved to prolong the service life of the motor and roller, as well as to lower the noise.
4. The whole machine features the anti-static design and unique anti-electromagnetic design, fully ensuring the safety of running.
5. The roller is specially designed to effectively prevent the running belt from off-tracking and enhance the stability of the treadmill.
6. With super-high strength column and super-large handrails to improve the stability of the treadmill and of the movement.
7. The anti-skid design of both sides of the running belt makes the user standing more comfortable, which highlights the humanization and meticulousness.
8. The emergency stop button is uniquely designed to prolong its service life effectively, guaranteeing your best running experience.

CE certification & ROHS certification

The MS-95J commercial treadmills include the MS-95J LED treadmill with touchscreen and the MS-95J TFT treadmill with touchscreen. Featured by unique appearance design and humanized system programs, the MS-95J treadmills have smooth and concise overall shape and reasonable color matching, manifesting a sense of classic texture. The highly motivating and challenging training programs can help you complete established training targets. In addition, the subsequent installation is also available. If conditions permit, professional installation staff will be arranged for service; if not, we will provide installation and use instructions or relevant video.

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