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MS-90A Commercial Electric Gym Treadmill / Running Machine

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Recommended application
The MS-90A commercial electric gym treadmill / running machine is a great way to a highly effective cardiovascular workout inside without needing to brave the elements. Commercial treadmills are the most widely used aerobic training equipment in the world and MS Fitness produces some of the finest. MS-90A commercial electric gym treadmills are designed for fitness clubs, hotel fitness centers, and any other exercise facility.

This product is produced in two models including an LED screen model and a TET screen model. The MS-90A-LED-T uses a converter produced from Taiwan. The MS-90A-LED-J uses a converter produced from Japan. The MS-90A-LED-k uses the converter produced from Korea; the MS-90A-TFT-T uses a converter produced from Taiwan. MS-90A-TFT-J uses a converter produced from Japan. The MS-90A-TFT-k uses the converter produced from Korea.

Model MS-90A
Name Commercial Treadmill
Length 2325 MM
Width 950 MM
Height 1735MM
Effective area of running platform 1650*560 MM
Width of running belt 560MM
Thickness of running belt 3.2MM
Net weight of equipment 301 KG
Gross weight of equipment 378 KG
Gross weight of header 62 KG
Gross weight of running platform 316 KG
Voltage of input power 220V+10% (50Hz or 60Hz)
Temperature of working environment 0~40℃
Speed range 1-20km/h
Slope range 0-20%

● MS-90 treadmills have a beautiful appearance and smooth lines.
● The treadmills have a digital signal transmission system and running belts with an anti-skid design which looks great and ensures the stability and safety of the user.
● MS-90treadmills use 1.2G HZ dual core processing chips from America, built-in USD host with USB support. It can charge phones, support external inputs, DVDs and digital set top boxes. They feature built-in WIFI modules which can connect to wireless networks and support the uses of digital televisions.
● The handles are made from polyurethane foam materials which are soft and comfortable.
● MS-90A treadmills use very large size treadmill rollers whose diameters are 100mm, shockproof flexible running plate which is 25mm thick. Both ensure the treadmill operate steadily.
● Each treadmill features an emergency stop button for safety.
● High quality resistive touch screen adopts a multi-isolation control panel to prevent interference caused by static electricity. Customers can also select the built-in LCD touch screen system.
● Treadmills have many functions including speed selection, slope selection, soft stop and total mileage recording. Each treadmill is equipped with a heart rate monitoring touch screen system.
● There are 8 preset programs, and users can set infinite custom programs including set the time, distance and calorie counting mode.
● Noiseless AC inverter motor whose continuous motor is 3.0HP, the max motor is 5.8HP.

All of the products from MS are delivered with operating manuals and installation service. Professional installation personnel will be sent for the installation if conditions permit. Otherwise, operation manuals or installation manual videos will be offered to customers.

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